Having a wireless network in your home is liberating.  Without wires, you're free to roam anywhere in the house.  But what if you want to communicate with that wireless printer on the network?  What if you want to share your documents and pictures with other machines?  Most important of all, how can your protect that data from outside sources?

Without proper setup, your wireless network could prove to be a bigger hindrance than help.  With no password or a poor password, unwanted guests could access every machine on your network and the data they contain.  They could introduce infections and bring everything to a screeching halt.

That's why it's incredibly important to have your router and wireless network set up properly.  When you have us set up your network, we will ensure connectivity and communication with all of your devices.  We'll set up your router and network with a secure password to keep intruders out.  Once configured, you'll be living the wireless dream.

$149.95 (Includes wireless router)