Malware infections, also known as "viruses" and "spyware," have become a major threat to the everyday computer user as of late.  These infections can attach themselves to website banner ads, to emails from friends and family, and to files downloaded from websites such as Facebook and Google.  Often times, you may not even know your computer is infected!  The sad truth is, if you don't have adequate protection in place and haven't been keeping up on your Windows Updates and Security Patches, you're probably already infected.

If you ever think that your computer might be infected, here are a few steps you can take to minimize any damage to your system and assist us in getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.



We can't stress this one enough.  Regardless of how disabled your computer has become, one of the worst things you can do after becoming infected with a virus is perform a System Restore. Performing a System Restore will not remove the virus - it will only embed it deeper within your computer's filesystem and make it harder for a professional to remove it!  Plus, if you restore too far back, you may lose important data for recently-installed applications.



The best thing you can do once you think you may have a virus is shut the machine down completely and unplug its power supply.  If the computer is not powered up and running, there is no way for the virus to spread to other areas of your hard drive, or to other computers on your network.



Once you've shut down and unplugged your computer, give us a call at (800) 708-8528 and one of our friendly, knowledgable service technicians will be happy to assist you in scheduling a pick-up or drop-off appointment that is convenient for you.  From this point forward, you're in good hands!


Once your machine makes it to our shop, one of our knowledgable technicians will put it through its paces with a a full set of hardware and software diagnostic tests to determine the precise nature and source of the infection, in addition to any underlying hardware issues that may exist.  After all, there's no use troubleshooting a software issue if the underlying hardware is at fault.  Once we are confident that we have an accurate diagnosis and a clear path to resolution, we'll give you a call with the details.  We'll tell you, to the best of our ability, where you picked up your infection, how we can help you get back up and running, and what YOU can do to keep from getting infected again.

REMEMBER, diagnostics are ALWAYS FREE!



Chances are, the reason you got infected in the first place is because you didn't have sufficient anti-malware protection software running on your machine.  If this is the case, we'll likely recommend that you make the switch from whichever protection suite you were using to our tried, tested, and proven anti-malware solution, Emsisoft Anti-Malware.

As you can see from the chart above, Emsisoft Anti-Malware is consistently named the top performer in industry-wide standards tests, outperforming some of the most well-known names like Norton, McAfee, AVG, Webroot, and Avast.  We've been using Emsisoft internally at our own offices here at Computer Medix since early 2007.  In 2009 we began implementing it at all of our business clients' offices.  And, since early 2010, we've been recommending it exclusively to to our residential customers for use on their personal computers.


We guarantee it!

We're so confident in Emsisoft's level of protection that if your computer ever becomes infected while being actively guarded by Emsisoft, we'll perform a full system clean-up at absolutely no cost to you!  At just $39.95 per year, Emsisoft Anti-Malware offers unmatched protection for the price and makes sense for both business and residential customer alike!  And, with Computer Medix being one of the most highly rated Authorized Resellers for Emsisoft Anti-Malware in the United States of America, we're happy to share our in-depth product knowledge and customer success stories with you! 

If you'd like more information about Emsisoft Anti-Malware,
please give us a call at (800) 708-8528 or stop in at one of our locations.

One of our friendly technicians will be happy to assist you!