Sometimes the absolute worst occurs and repairing the computer will require wiping the hard drive of all data and reinstalling the operating system.  This can occur for a number of different reasons: hard drive failure, irreparable damage caused by an infection, damaged or corrupt Windows system files, etc.  The end result is that the damage is too severe to be repaired.

In those situations, we offer the ability to give the system a fresh start.  We wipe the hard drive clean of partitions and data and then proceed to install a clean copy of your operating system.  We then ensure the system is fully up to date, secure, and operating at peak performance.

  • All Windows updates and patches performed
  • All hardware drivers updated to latest release
  • Installation of basic applications
  • System stability test performed

In most cases, we also have the option to backup and restore your data.  Much like the OS Reload itself, data recovery can be performed for a low, flat rate.  If data recovery is required, we'll restore your data to its original location, reinstall any applications provided to us, and configure email.

Even if the worst should occur, Computer Medix has you covered.