One of the leading causes of notebook abandonement is a faulty or broken LCD.  Regardless of how gentle you try to be with your computer, it'll eventually happen;  you'll step on the lid, your dog will think it's a Frisbee, you'll accidentally leave it in the car overnight on a sub-zero night, or one day it will simply decide to quit working.

No matter the reason, Computer Medix's friendly technicians will have you back in business in no time.  We have direct, next-day access to both genuine and aftermarket LCD replacements.  And, with our extensive manufacturer-specific knowledge and disassembly instructions for all makes and models, we'll be able to bring your machine back to like-new condition, typically within 24-48 hours!



Unless your LCD repair requires replacement of the power supply inverter module (pictured below) or display cable, we've developed two flat rates for all notebook & laptop LCD repairs.  These prices include all parts and labor required for the repair, PLUS a GUARANTEED 48-HOUR TURNAROUND!

Up to 17" LCD w/Out Inverter: $224.95

17" - 18" LCD w/Out Inverter: $274.95

Display Cable or Power Inverter: Add $24.95


We encourage you to compare our flat-rate pricing with some of our competitors.  All repairs include a full 1-year parts and labor warranty against manufacturer defects and workmanship handled directly through our company.