Is your computer infected?  Is it running slow or just acting as if possessed?  Fear not!  At Computer Medix, we can exorcize even the most stubborn binary Beelzebub.  When bringing in your machine, you'll receive a full set of free diagnostics.  In most cases, a Clean-Up & Optimization will be the best course of action as it provides a wide variety of services, including:

  • Virus, spyware, and malware removal
  • Install and update anti-malware software
  • Perform all Windows updates and security patches
  • Repair all system errors and optimize Windows performance
  • Defragment hard drive and optimize RAM usage
  • Inspect and clean interior of chassis
  • Includes labor for fan, memory, and power supply replacement

So, if you're just looking for a thorough cleaning of your system or something has seriously gone wrong, a Clean-Up & Optimziation may be for you.